Participants will be divided in the following age categories:

Categories Age
Juveniles M/F between 16 and 17 years
Juniors M/F between 18 and 20 years
Senior M/F between 21 and 39 years
Vet. M40/F40 between 40 and 49 years
Vet. M50/F50 between 50 and 59 years
Vet. M60/F60 between 60 and 69 years
Vet. M70/F70 ≥ 70 years

Athletes from the Juvenile category cannot participate in the USM race, only participants who will be at least 18 years-old completed on the day of the race are allowed.

The Juvenile age category is exclusive of the SVK, SSR and FSR races.

The categories will be defined based on the data provided by the participants at the time of registration and with reference to their age on the 31st of December 2019, with the exception of KIDS categories whose reference date will be their age on the race day.