The race places the island of Madeira into the Skyrunning world, as part of a restricted range of races in the Ultra distance which constitute the World Tour of the modality.

Santana is a northern municipality of Madeira Island, renowned since 2011 as World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It is known by the typical A-thatched houses, symbol of Madeira and Portugal and offers a wide variety of surroundings such as the laurel forest, mountainous areas surrounding Pico Ruivo and São Jorge hills and the outstanding cliffs of the north of the island.

The event will promote the potential of the natural areas of Santana for sports practice, particularly for the technical race of high difficulty, including the touristic potential of footpaths, fauna and flora, culture and traditions of the municipality.

The modality of technical race of difficulty on the skyrunning front, has been growing exponentially in all countries of the world particularly in Italy and France. This sport activity was created in the early 90’s, establishing new records of ascents and races in Monte Branco and Monte Rosa.

In 1993, with the support of the multinational Fila, the skyrunning modality started a circuit that ran through some of the mountains around the world, as Himalayas, Monte Kenya and the Mexican volcanoes.

With the aim of reaching a largest number of participants, the event comprises four races of different distances:

– Madeira Sky Race (MSR 55.6 km 4121 m D+)
– Santana Vertical Kilometer® (SVK  4.8Km 1003 D+)
– Santana Sky Race (SSR 21 km 1672m D+)
– Furão Sky Race (FSR 10km 617m D+)
– Kids Santana Sky Race


From 28th to 30th May 2021 we intend to live the true spirit of skyrunning in Santana, providing a unique sport challenge, going from the sea levels up to the highest mountains of Madeira.