Registration fees and deadlines are as follows:


Registrations Fees
From 28 of October 2019 to 31 January 2020 65€ 150€ 25€ 25€ 12€ Free
From 1 of February to 3 of  May 2020 70€ 165€ 30€ 30€ 14€
*4 to 27 of May 2020 150€ 315€ 55€ 55€ 27€
  • * In this period of time, registrations are subject to the availability of vacancies and the bibs will not be customized
  • ** Fee per team

– Registrations will only be accepted after payment of the respective fee, which must happen within a maximum of 3 days. After this period and in the absence of the aforementioned payment, your registration will be permanently eliminated.

– Filling in the application form does not guarantee acceptance of it.
– The registration is only considered confirmed after receipt of the respective payment, which must happen within a maximum of 3 days.
– Please note that due to the general data protection regulation (GDPR) each athlete will have to complete his login and his own registration.
– In the case of the teams participating in the Madeira Sky Race – Relay, the first member to register must name the team, and the remaining members must join this already created team.


The registration fee includes:

  • Personal accident insurance;
  • GPS tracker for all participants in MSR;
  • Supply of liquids and solids, while in competition, at the designated refreshment stations;
  • A hot meal on arrival for the MSR, MSR Relay, SSR and FSR races;
  • First aid at designated stations;
  • Drop Bag for clothes changing and / or other assets for the SVK and MSR races;
  • Transport to the departure point of the participants in the FSR, upon prior registration;
  • Transport from the nearest point accessible by car to arrival, in case of abandonment or being prevented by the organization to continue the race;
  • A relaxation massage after the race (exclusively for SVK and MSR);
  • A Finisher medal.