Protected Areas

The Ultra Skymarathon® Madeira takes place in areas of outstanding natural and cultural heritage of Santana, which has been recognized for the wealth of its heritage worldwide in 2011 when it was classified by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve.

About 80% of the Ultra Skymarathon® Madeira takes place in Laurissilva Forest area, classified in 1992 as a Biogenetic Reserve by the Council of Europe and included in the list of World Natural Heritage of UNESCO in 1999, representing the only World Natural Heritage in Portugal. This type of indigenous natural forest has also been classified as a Special Conservation Area (ZEC) and the Special Protection Zone (ZPE) of the Natura 2000 Network, an ecological network whose objective is to contribute for the ensuring of biodiversity through the conservation of natural habitats and Fauna and flora on the territory of the European Union.

Part of the event is also held in another protected area, the Central Mountain Rocky Massif, fully integrated in the Natural Park of Madeira as a Geological and Altitude Vegetation Reserve, which is also classified as Special Zone of Conservation (ZEC) and Protection Zone of the Natura 2000 Network.

It should also be noted that all the competition is held within the area of the Natural Park of Madeira.