Regulation 2021

  • The Ultra Skyrunning Madeira – USM 2021 is a co-organization of Santana’s Town Hall with Clube Desportivo Escola Santana and the Federation of Camping and Mountaineering of Portugal (FCMP). This regulation applies to the 5 race competitions included in the event: Madeira Sky Race (MSR), Santana Vertical KM®, (SVK), Santana (SSR), Furão SkyRace (FSR) and KIDS Santana Sky Race (KIDS).

SKYRUNNING – Discipline of mountain running, where the slope exceeds 30%, and the climbing difficulty does not exceed grade II. Running poles and hands may be used to help progress.

VERTICAL KILOMETER® – It is a Skyrunning discipline which consists of the ascent of 1000 meters with a significant slope and that does not exceed 5 km of linear extension. The Vertical Kilometer is divided into three altitude levels (ranging from ± 200 meters), from 0-1000 m, 1000-2000 and 2000 to 3000 meters, with a tolerance of 5%.

  • Ultra SkyMarathon® Madeira – USM 2021 is an event that includes five competitive mountain races, to accomplish in semi-autonomy. The MSR 55 km 4123m D+ which is part of the Skyrunner® World Series calendar, and the SSR 23 km 1672m D+ runs mainly in mountain terrain, with start and finish line next to Santana Town Hall (Câmara Municipal). The MSR will count towards the ranking of the world circuit of the skyrunning modality.
  • The Santana’s Vertical KM is part of the national calendar in the discipline of Km Vertical. Competition disputed on a predominantly rising course, with a positive difference of 1000 meters and an approximate distance of 4800 meters between the start and the finish line. It will start at Eira do Trigo, Vale da Lapa – Ribeira Funda, at about 780m of altitude and finishes at Encumeada Alta at 1787m of altitude.
  • The FSR 10 km 617 m D+ will start and finish next to Santana’s Town Hall.
  • The SVK and SSR races are also part of the FCMP / Skyrunning Portugal Youth Trophy, aimed for young people between 14 and 23 years old.
  • The KIDS race is for children between 6 and 13 years, divided in four different courses / distances: 6 to 7 years – 600 Mts; 8 to 9 years – 1100 Mts; 10 to 11 years – 1300 Mts; 12 to 13 years – 18000 Mts.
  • The SVK race (vertical Km) will take place on October 8th, 2021, at 09:00 AM, while the MSR, SSR, FSR will take place on October 9th 2021 beginning at 6:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 11:20 AM, respectively.

Each participant must know and accept the conditions of the present regulation. When registering, each athlete declares acceptance of the content of this regulation. Any incidents in the race will be resolved by the Ultra Skyrunning Madeira Competition Jury – USM 2021. This Jury will be composed by the President of the Jury, the Race Director / Deputy Director and the race-referee judges. In competitions under the ISF, you will also have the presence of an ISF referee.

  • The races are open to all those interested, according to what is established in this regulation.
  • To register for the MSR 55km 4123m D +, it is mandatory to have completed at least one mountain half-marathon (minimum 21km) in the last 12 months (by indicating a web link for race result) or demonstrate to the organization through the exhibition of relevant sports curriculum in long distance running races prior to the registration process. Each participant must have undergone a previous medical examination that certifies that the participant is able to participate in a race with these characteristics.
  • Make your registration correctly, by filling in the form, as well as payment within 3 days after registration.
  • Deliver the Responsibility Term (Form A) duly filled in at the secretariat, in the days prior to the race, on a date and place to be announced by the organization (see program). All documents can be downloaded on the official race website.
  • Participants must respect the environment in which they are involved and keep the environment clean. All packaging of products consumed or other waste produced by athletes must be placed in their own containers. Failure to comply with this rule implies the immediate disqualification of the athlete. This can be done by a simple testimony from any member of the race organization.
  • Since there will be no cut in car traffic, participants must comply with the rules for the use of public roads, and it is also mandatory to respect cultivated areas and private property in general. Participants will be responsible for any damages they cause to third parties and for any compensation resulting therefrom.
  • At the crossing points that the organization deems relevant, for security reasons, members of the organization will be present. Medical and / or emergency services will also be available at various control / supply points indicated in the ticket table.
  • Participants must have acquired, before the race, a real capacity for self-sufficiency, which allows the management of the problems induced by this type of race, namely due to adverse weather conditions: wind, cold, fog, rain or snow.
  • For athletes to participate in the MSR, they must be at least 18 years old on the day of the race. For SVK and SSR athletes who are 16 years old at the end of the year 2021 are allowed to participate and for the FSR athletes who are 14 years old by the end of the year 2021, as long as they meet the requirements mentioned below. To participate in the KIDS race, children must be between 6 and 13 years old at the date of the race.
  • For the registration of athletes under 18 years old in the SVK, SSR and FSR races, it is mandatory to comply with the following requirements, cumulatively: must present a valid medical certificate and the respective parental authorization mentioned below. For registration in the KIDS race all athletes will have to present their respective parental authorization.
  • Participants must be aware of the distance and particularities of the race and be sufficiently trained to do so.
  • Participants will have to be able to face physical and mental problems resulting from extreme fatigue, digestive and joint problems and muscle pain, among others, being aware that it is not the organization’s responsability to help a participant to overcome these problems and that this depends mainly on their ability to adapt to situations resulting from this type of race.
  • It is strictly forbidden to receive help or any kind of items outside the course of the race, with the exception of points defined by the organization (100 meters before and after the control point). Likewise, it is forbidden to run accompanied by people who are not registered as athletes in the race.
  • The race bibs will be delivered on the date and at a location to be announced by the organization. The check-in and collection of the Kit with the material provided by the organization should preferably be collected by the athlete himself, who must present the Responsability Statement duly signed and the identification card.
  • Minors under 18 years old, at the date of the race, must also present the documents already mentioned, as well as an authorization from the guardian / tutor, duly completed and signed (presenting a certification document or copy). The Responsability Statement and parental consent (Form B) can be downloaded from the race website.
  • Minors under the age of 18, at the date of the race, must present all the documents already mentioned, as well as a valid medical certificate.
  • The race bibs must be used in the abdominal area at all times of the race, in a visible place and cannot be cut, folded or modified. The non-compliance with this rule will lead to the immediate disqualification of the athlete.
  • Throughout the race, athletes must follow instructions from members of the organization. The non-compliance with this rule will result in the athlete’s immediate disqualification.
  • During the race, any athlete who leaves the race is obliged to inform the organization.

Be the bearer of all mandatory material defined by the organization.

  • Registration is personal and presumes the acceptance of all the rules established by the organization, in this regulation and in other additional instructions.
  • The registration must be done exclusively through the event website.
  • Each participant must fill in the registration form and paying the respective registration value, being the participant responsible for the accuracy of its data.
  • The organization does not accept any responsibility, for any refusal of liability, by the insurance company, as a result of incorrect data entry in the registration form by the participant.
  • In order to accept the registration for the MSR, the athlete must provide a certificate of completion of a half mountain marathon, or the link to the results of the race or the sport resume duly proved.
  • Registrations will only be validated after payment of the respective registration fee, which must be made within 3 days of registration.
  • It is mandatory to answer the Medical Questionnaire, which must be completed until September 3, 2021. The medical information will accessible only to the organisation’s medical team and will be destroyed within one week of the event.
  • Payment must be made at the time of registration using credit or debit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), Paypal or or ATM reference (only available to residents athletes in Portugal).
  • After payment confirmation, the name shall appear on the participants list, within 48 hours.
  • The registration period will take place until August 30, 2021.
  • The organizer reserves the right to exclude from the race, even before its start, any participant who, through his behavior, conditions the management and / or the proper functioning of the event. If this happens, the athlete will not be reimbursed the expenses incurred with the registration.
  • According to the VAT Code, the issue of the receipt with the taxpayer identification number must be requested at the time of registration / payment, and it cannot be issued afterwards.
  • The reimbursement of the registration fee is only possible for athletes who subscribe to the “Registration Insurance” (guarantee of reimbursement as long as fulfill the conditions and deadlines – Article 8), by paying an extra fee of 10€ for MSR, 5€ for SVK and SSR, and 2.5€ for FSR
  • Athletes who have registered and paid for registration for USM 2020 will have a 20% discount on registration for the USM 2021 event.

Fees and registration periods are as follows:

Registration Fees










28 December 2020

to 30 August 2021


65€ 25€ 25€ 12€ Free
From 1 to 26 September* 2021 150€ 55€ 55€ 27€
         * In this period of time, registrations are subject to the availability of vacancies and the bibs will not be customized

Athletes who signed up and paid for registration at USM 2020 will have a 20% discount on registration for the USM 2021 race. This discount is only valid in the 1st registration period.


The registration fee includes:

  • Personal accident insurance;
  • GPS tracker for all participants in MSR;
  • Supply of liquids and solids, while in competition, at the designated refreshment stations;
  • A meal on arrival for the MSR, SSR and FSR races;
  • First aid at designated stations;
  • Drop Bag for clothes changing and / or other assets for the SVK and MSR races;
  • Transport from the nearest point accessible by car to arrival, in case of abandonment or being prevented by the organization to continue the race;
  • A Finisher medal.
  • For reasons related to the pandemic, the organization limits the total number of participants to 880 in the set of distances in the race, distributed as follows:
  • MSR – 200; SVK – 100; SSR – 200; FSR – 200; KIDS – 60
  • Considering the above, the registration period is limited by the number of athletes who sign up until the maximum of vacancies for each race. Once the vacancy limit is exceeded, a waiting list will be created to fill the vacant seats for withdrawals that may occur until the payment deadline.
  • The organization reserves the right to accept extra registrations, if there are conditions indicated by the health authority to exceed the fixed number of registrations.
  • The organization will not accepted any requests by telephone, all the requests must be made by email to
  • After the 1st of September 2021, changes of race are not allowed.
  • The change of race is allowed previous the referred date, whenever there is availability. This alteration change has an administrative fee of 5,00 €.
  • In case the change is for a race with a higher registration fee, the difference will be paid, in the values in force on the date of the change, plus the administrative fee. If it is for a race with a lower registration fee, there will be no refund of the differential, however you will always have to pay the administrative fee.
  • The registration transfer is allowed. To do so, the participant currently registered must request by email to the organization, the transfer of their registration to the person to be registered (indicating full name, email).
  • The person to whom registration has been given will be contacted by the organization to register in accordance with the instructions to be provided.
  • The transfer of registration does not give a right to any refund to the person who gives the registration.
  • The transfer of registration has an administrative cost of 10,00€ for MSR, 5€ for SVK and SSR and 2,5€ for FSR, to be paid by the person who is transferring the registration.
  • After September 1st, registration is not allowed.
  • The cancellation of the registration and the request of reimbursement is only possible once one has paid the “registration insurance” in the act of registration.
  • The reimbursement must be requested by e-mail, using the same e-mail address used in the registration form.
  • The amounts to be refunded to the participants who meet the above conditions will vary according to the reason, which motivates the request and the date on which it is requested.


Until August 30th, 2021 100% of the fee will be refunded
After September 1st, 2021 No refund


  • In case of cancellation of the race for reasons beyond the control of the organization, such as weather alerts, catastrophe or widespread conflicts that prevent the race to be held or any other reasons the organization considers valid, 100% of the registration fee will be refunded (fees associated with bank transfers will be deducted), if claimed until 90 days after the date of the event, except amounts paid for extras.

Athletes who wish to do so also have the option to carry over from 2021 to the

2022 edition

  • The mandatory equipment is part of the safety requirements in order to participate in the event, and the participants must have the equipment in their possession during all race. The organization may request verification of the material prior to departure, during the course, at one of the refreshment stations or upon arrival. Participants should voluntarily cooperate with the organization in the verification process, under penalty of the participant be disqualified.

Mandatory equipment

Race bib (supplied by the organization) to be placed on the chest or abdomen of the athlete and visible during the entire race X X X X
Backpack or similar for the transport of equipment X X X
Water reservoir or equivalent with a minimum capacity of 1 liter (for MSR) or 0,5l (for SSR) X X
Thermal blanket (min. 140 x 200 cm) X X X
Waterproof jacket with hood and long sleeve that fits the athlete;

SSR and FSR races windbreaker is accepted

Operational mobile phone to receive and make calls X X X
Food reserve X X
Whistle X X X
Cup of 12cl minimum (the organization will not supply cups at refreshment stations) X X X
1 flashlight / headlight, with extra batteries X


Recommended material
*Walking poles
Long trousers, that at least cover the knee
Change of clothes
Sunscreen cream

* Poles may be left in the checkpoints with personal assistance and be picked up again at any post with personal assistance. It is not allowed to receive the poles anywhere else in the race. For technical and safety reasons, poles must be collected / stored between the Achada do Teixeira and Pico Ruivo checkpoints.

  • The checkpoints are mandatory passage points and are located in places defined by the organization. In each of these controls, a responsible person of the organization will be present. A table containing the list of checkpoints and with other multiple information will be given to the participants.
  • Not controlling in one or more checkpoints will lead to the disqualification of the participant.
  • During the race there may be “surprise controls” to ensure full compliance of the route.
  • Only participants with visible race bibs will have access to checkpoints and food.
  • The participants will use an electronic control system, supplied by the organization.
  • Refreshment stations consist of food and drink to be consumed on the spot. The deposits and other containers of each participant can only be filled with water and isotonic indicated for the purpose in each refreshment station. Each participant should verify, when leaving each refreshment station that he/she has the sufficient amount of drink and food needed to reach the next refreshment station.
  • There will be two types of refreshment stations: liquids and solids, and only liquids, which will vary according to the location along the race course.
  • Participants may only get personal assistance at the indicated stations by a person with a credential, in places designated for the purpose and indicated by the organization.
  • The MSR drop bag will be delivered in the event secretariat, from 16:30h of October 9th, by order of passage at the checkpoint.
  • Madeira Sky Race – MSR 2021 is an event that comprise 6 races in one stage, with the following time limits for completion:
  • MSR – 14 hours;
  • SVK – 2 hours and 15 minutes;
  • SSR – 7 hours;
  • FSR – 4 hours.
  • Participants arriving beyond the time limit for the given distance must withdraw from the race and will be automatically disqualified.
  • To be allowed to continue in the race, participants must arrive to and leave the checkpoint before its closure time, otherwise they will be prevented from proceeding and, consequently, will be disqualified.
  • Any participant excluded from the race and wishing to continue running, can only do so upon handing in the race bib, proceeding at their own responsibility and completely autonomous.
  • The organization does not guarantee assistance in addition to the established crossing times and the time limits for completion of the races.
  • For reasons beyond the organization control (weather and/or security), the organization reserves the right to change the time limits.
  • The withdrawal should only be made at the checkpoints. In case of an accident or injury in which the participant is immobilized and unable to reach a checkpoint, the rescue operation must be activated by contacting the organization.
  • The contact number of the organization, for emergency purposes, will be printed on the race bib of the participant and should also be recorded in advance on the participant’s mobile phone.
  • The organization provides transportation from the nearest automobile access point of the place where the athlete abandoned the race to the arrival.
  • There will be first aid stations in certain checkpoints. It is essential that participants help any person in distress and alert the nearest control post or contact the organization through its given emergency number. Not assisting an athlete in an emergency situation will result in immediate disqualification and inhibition of participating in future events.
  • Participants must not forget that, due to problems associated with topography and difficulty of access to certain areas, they may need to wait for the assistance longer than normal situations. Thus, the primarily safety of athletes depends basically on the quality of the gear and equipment they have for race.
  • Participants must abide by the decisions of the specialized medical personnel.
  • An athlete who has sought medical help is subject to the authority of the medical personnel and agrees with their decisions. The medical teams have the right to:
  • Disqualify an athlete (removing his race bib) if they consider the athlete unfit to proceed in the race;
  • Hospitalize an athlete whose state of health so requires;
  • Evacuate, by all means available, an athlete whose health is considered to be in danger.

Costs of the rescue or evacuation, in addition to which is in the insurance coverage as informed by the organization, shall be borne by the rescued person.

  • The courses integrated in USM 2021 will be properly signaled by signaling tape and other indicative signs.

In case of bad weather conditions (large amounts of rain or snow at higher elevations, strong winds, and storms) and following the decision of the jury of the race, the organization reserves the right to change the start times, the route, and the time limits.

Before the race:

  • In cases of situations beyond the control of the organization (code red or orange), natural disasters (earthquakes, storms), worsening of the pandemic, or major political events (war, revolution, terrorist attacks) that require the organization to cancel the event, 25% of the registration fee will be refunded.
  • The payment process involves bank fees that will not be returned in case of reimbursement. The reimbursement will be made by bank transfer after December 15, 2021. To receive the refund the athlete must provide a bank account number, along with the Swift code, up to 90 days after the date of the race.


On the race day:

  • In case of bad weather, and for security reasons, the organization reserves the right to modify the time limits and/or suspend, reduce, neutralize or stop the race. There will be no right to reimbursement.


During the race:

  • In the case of potentially dangerous weather conditions for participants, the organization can stop the race. In this case the runner when reaching a checkpoint/refreshment station, should follow the instructions given by the members of the organization and will be required to fulfill them. There will be no right to reimbursement.
  • On the days of the ‘Check-in’, participants must present the following documents:
  • Identity card or passport and the Responsibility Statement (completed and signed by the participant);
  • In the case of minors of 18 years, presentation of Parental Consent.
  • In the case of minors of 18 years, presentation all the above documents and a valid medical certificate (taken in less than a year).
  • The check-in and collection of the kit with the material provided by the organization should preferably be done by the athlete himself. If it is not possible for the athlete to collect their kit, it may be another person, but it will only be given upon presentation of the appropriate authorization (Form C) duly completed and signed, and the presentation of the documents requested therein. This form can be downloaded from the race website.
  • Security Posts will be placed at various points along the route of the race. Members of the organization present in these posts will be in constant contact with the control center. A medical team will be present at certain checkpoints/refreshment stations and will be able to intervene with all the appropriate means.
  • It is important that each athlete provides assistance to any person who is in danger and requests immediate assistance to the organization. Any problem should be reported to the organization or at the nearest checkpoint.
  • If participants are not able to contact the organization of the race, then they should contact the national emergency number 112.
  • The organization subscribes a civil liability and personal injury insurance for the duration of the event. This insurance guarantees the coverage of their responsibilities, to those of its employees and participants.
  • Insurance conditions will be published no later than 15 days prior to the event.
  • In case of accident, the participant must, firstly, be observed by the medical team of the event (present on some control points and finish line), which will contact the organization, and will forward the patient to the most appropriate medical institution for his state of health, along with the insurance claim form with the respective policy number, stamped and signed by the organization (insurance holder). Personal accident insurance can only be activated with the approval of the event medical team. Sometimes, in view of the urgency/severity of some accidents, it becomes impossible to prepare the insurance claim form. In those circumstances, the participation of the sinister can be made after first aid is completed.
  • The claim must be done to the insurer for up to eight business days after the date of the accident. After this date, the insurer reserves the right not to accept such participation.
  • Any document related to an expense claim whose insurance claim was already participated, will be paid in advance by the respective victim and its originals sent to the insurer for later reimbursement.
  • All expenses are paid by the victim and then reimbursed by the insurer in accordance with the insurance coverage, that is, if the insurance participation is duly made and accepted by the insurer.
  • The organization will not assume expense claims of which it did not become aware in a timely manner to activate the insurance.

A participant will be disqualified for the following reasons:

  • Two false starts;
  • Show up at the start after 5 minutes of the time of departure;
  • Reach the finish line beyond the time limit set by the organization or exceed the time limits set for the checkpoints;
  • Failure to comply with the signalized route;
  • Missing any of the official or surprise checkpoints;
  • Receive assistance or refreshments out of the allowed zones (except in emergency);
  • Use of unauthorized transport (ride);
  • Removal of signaling tape and/or signs placards from the paths;
  • Loss of the chip/electronic monitoring bracelet;
  • To give the race bib or the electronic chip/bracelet to another person to take it during part or the full length of the race course;
  • Prevent the overtaking or placing obstacles to another athlete;
  • Not showing any fair-play to his/her opponents, controllers, judges or other people in the organization;
  • Withdrawal of the race without informing the organization;
  • Refuse to respond to the indications of judges, controllers and other agents involved in organizing the event;
  • Refuse, remove or change the gear brands placed by the organization;
  • Failure to assist an athlete in emergency situation;
  • Disrespect the general norms of nature protection;
  • Damage any private areas or gardens;
  • Go to the podium at the awards ceremony with flags or symbols that are unofficial (country, region or club/institution);
  • Do not justify to the competition Jury its absence from the podium, when classified at the Top 3 position of general classification or category.
  • Throw trash on the ground;
  • Refusing to participate in a doping control or having a positive result in the control carried out in this test;
  • Breaking other rules established by the organization;
  • If the athlete does not present the material described and defined as mandatory in this regulation (Art. 9), as well as not complying with some basic rules, any athlete may incur the following sanctions:






Not taking, cutting or hiding the race bib given by the organization Disqualification Disqualification Disqualification Disqualification
Do not wear shoes suitable for mountain running 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours
No Backpack or similar to transport equipment 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour
No water reservoir (minimum 1 liter for MSR and 0,5 liter for SSR) 30 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes
No Cup (minimum 12cl) 30 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes
No operational mobile phone 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours
No Waterproof Jacket 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours
No Thermal Blanket 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours
Failure to respect the marked route or signaling, use shortcuts and do not pass the mandatory checkpoints Disqualification Disqualification Disqualification Disqualification
Leave trash on the race course 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours
Abandoning the running poles during the race 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours
No Whistle 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour
No flash light/Headlight 1 hour .
  • The registration in the race and consequent acceptance of this regulation implies that the participant authorizes the filming of images from his/her participation, allowing the organization to use them in dissemination and promotion of the race in any format. In this way, the participant assigns to the organization all the image rights relative to the use of these records. Any project or publicity supports must have the previous consent of the organization.
  • The participants will be divided in the following age categories:
  • KIDS 1 – between 6 and 7 years
  • KIDS 2 – between 8 and 9 years
  • KIDS 3 – between 10 and 11 years
  • KIDS 4 – between 12 and 13 years
  • Initiated M/F – between 14 and 15 years
  • Juveniles M/F – between 16 and 17 years
  • Juniors M/F – between 18 and 20 years
  • Senior M/F – between 21 and 39 years
  • Veterans M40/F40 – between 40 and 49 years
  • Veterans M50/F50 – between 50 and 59 years
  • Veterans M60/F60 – between 60 years and 69 years
  • Veterans M70/F70 – ≥ 70 years


  • In the MSR race the allowed age categories are from juniors, for participants who will be 18 years-old and older on the race day. The juvenile age category is only to the SVK, SSR and FSR races and the Youth exclusive for FSR race.
  • The categories will be defined based on the data provided by the participants at the time of registration and with reference to their age on the 31st of December 2021, with the exception of KIDS categories whose reference date will be their age on the race day.
  • The different races will be won by the participants who finish their respective race in the least time, with the addition of appropriate penalties, if applicable.
  • Only participants who make the control at all checkpoints and cross the finish line within the stipulated time will be classified.
  • There will be awards for the first three (3) classified in each category, Male and Female;
  • Cumulatively there will be monetary prizes to be awarded according to the legal terms, for the firsts classified of the SVK and USM races, for both women and men, according to the values (maximum) in the following table:
Madeira Sky Race – MSR 2021 Santana Vertical Kilometer – SVK 2021
Men’s General Women’s General  

Men’s General

Women’s General
Classified 1.500€ 1ºClassified 1.500€ 1ºClassified 500€ 1ºClassified 500€
2ºClassified 1000€ 2ºCClassified 1000€ 2ºClassified 300€ 2ºClassified 300€
3ºClassified 750€ 3ºClassified 750€ 3ºClassified 200€ 3ºClassified 200€
4ºClassified 500€ 4ºClassified 500€ 4ºClassified 150 4ºClassified 150
5ºClassified 350€ 5ºClassified 350€ 5ºClassified 100 5ºClassified 100
6ºClassified 200€ 6ºClassified 200€ 6ºClassified 75 6ºClassified 75
7º Classified 200€ 7º Classified 200€ 7º Classified 50 7º Classified 50
8º Classified 200€ 8º Classified 200€ 8º Classified 50 8º Classified 50
9ºClassified 150€ 9º Classified 150€ 9º Classified 50 9º Classified 50
10º Classified 150€ 10º Classified 150€ 10º Classified 50 10º Classified 50
  • The presence of the winners is required in the awards ceremony. The organization will not send trophies nor any other elements by postal mail or other means of distribution.
  • The prizes are individual and paid by bank transfer, upon signing a discharge document, to be provided by the organization, on behalf of the respective winning athlete according to the table of prizes and paid until day 30 of June 2021. According to the VAT code in Portugal, the announced prize amounts are subject to withholding tax of 25%, so the net amount to be transferred from the prize will be the announced amount deducted of 25%. The organization will then deliver this amount to the Portuguese state, with the fiscal identification of the athlete.
  • There will be a general female and male classification for each race as well as a classification for each age group.
  • The three best teams will be distinguished, masculine and feminine, exclusively for the participants of the USM. The team must have three members classified, being the team result the sum of the race times of the representing athletes.
  • Any complaint must be made in writing and referred to the President of the Jury, accompanied by a deposit of € 50,00 (non-refundable if the complaint is rejected) until 30 minutes after the arrival of the participant in question.
  • The claim must contain the name of the complainant, identity card or passport number, name(s) of participant(s) affected, number of race bibs and alleged motives. Provisional classifications can also be the reason of complaint, 15 minutes after its publication.
  • The Jury of the competition, which will consider the complaint, is composed by the President of the Jury, the Director of the race and the Judges. The Jury shall decide as soon as possible.

Any appeal against the Jury’s decision should consider article 10 of the “Regulamento de Competições de Skyrunning da FCMP”.

  • We strongly advise all athletes to not use any substances, pharmacological groups and methods to artificially increase your physical capacities. At the end of the races, any athlete can be chosen, by raffle, to participate in an anti-doping control for which we recommend reading the Regulamento Federativo Antidopagem (Federative Anti-doping Regulation) of the FCMP.
  • This regulation may be updated until the final day of registration, on August 30th, 2021, according to the needs of the organization. The cases omitted in this regulation will be solved by the organization or by the Competition Jury, whose decisions have no appeal.

The data of the participants listed on the registration form shall be registered by the organization for the purposes of the event in particular processing of insurance, registration lists, news and standings. All participants may exercise their right of access, rectification or cancellation of their personal data by sending an email to 

  • The Jury shall decide on all matters related to the event which have not been subject to regulation or regarding misinterpretations of this regulation.

Preventive measures to be observed by athletes

  • Athletes diagnosed with Covid-19, even if asymptomatic, cannot participate in the USM Event, without the necessary medical discharge.
  • The participation of non-resident athletes will not be authorized without the presentation of a negative test, which must be presented at check-in.
  • Being a non-resident and planning to arrive to Madeira Island in the days preceding the test, it is recommended that you come with the PCR diagnostic test to Covid-19 already done. If you choose to do the test on arrival at Madeira Airport, you will have to wait for the result in confinement for 12 hours, the maximum estimated period. You must take into account this waiting period in the preparation of your participation in the race, namely when performing Check-in.
  • Athletes are advised to self-monitor symptoms (daily control of their body temperature), refraining from participating in any action within the scope of the event in case of suspected infection or having been in contact with a person suspected of infection. In these cases, you should call the SRS Madeira line: 800 24 24 20. You should not move from your residence.
  • In order to protect population groups considered to be at risk, it is recommended that athletes over 65 years old or with basic diseases considered to be at risk by health authorities which may aggravate the consequences of SARS-CoV- infection. 2 do not participate in the event,. It should be noted that this is only a recommendation.
  • All persons connected in any way to the event, namely athletes, members of the organization, volunteers or athletes’ support staff, must maintain an adequate personal hygiene conduct, namely frequent hand washing, respect for the respiratory etiquette and constant use of a mask.
  • In accordance with the recommendations of the various health entities, the recommended safety distance between athletes must be maintained.
  • During the race, the sharing of materials and equipment for common use is prohibited without prior disinfection.
  • During the race, athletes should not share personal material, drinks, food, or any other products (including water bottles, sticks, among others).
  • All elements of the organization, including volunteers, whenever they are in contact with athletes will adopt the necessary individual protection measures, namely the use of a mask or other equipment that they consider necessary, as well as ensuring the reinforcement of actions as cleaning and sanitizing spaces and equipment.
  • Athletes must respect the times and spaces for training, warm-up and competition assigned to them, maintaining safe distances.
  • There will be a strict control of the flow of athletes in the different places, with the conditions and limitations duly indicated.
  • A control / tracking of body temperature will be made in the access to the competition area.
  • Changing rooms or showers will not be available.
  • The sanitary facilities will be disinfected according to the recommendations in force.
  • The delivery of prizes will be reduced to the essential minimum. In the case of the briefing it will be done online.
  • Athletes should not greet or embrace each other.


Preventive measures implemented by the Organization at the various stages of the race



  • Check-in will be extended temporarily, using other spaces, in order to avoid the concentration of athletes.
  • We recommend that resident athletes try to check-in in advance.
  • The race secretariat will be located, next to Santana Town Hall, on days and times to be announced.
  • We urge you to go to the check-in counter only when it is not occupied by another participant, and the defined social distance must be respected.
  • You have until the 3 of September to properly fill out the responsibility statment. This is a mandatory procedure and without which you will not be able to obtain your race bib. Likewise, it is mandatory to answer the epidemiological survey available online.
  • Before check-in, we recommend that all athletes confirm that their details (Name, Category, Team) are correct, under penalty of their classification for regional, national and international competitions not being counted by different entities . Any changes or errors must be reported by email ( by 15/09.



  • Departurs will be made by vacancies, grouped by the ISF or FCMP ranking. Each group will leave with an interval of 1 minute. In the list of registered athletes, available on the race website, you can confirm your departure time.
  • Starting and pre-starting boxes will be created, where, in one, all mandatory material is checked at the entrance and the temperature is measured (which in case of higher than normal will prevent the athlete from participating), and a box already in the departure zone.
  • The use of a mask is mandatory for all athletes up to a minimum distance of 200 meters after the start (it will be properly marked when it is no longer mandatory).
  • Any athlete who improperly abandons his mask will be automatically excluded from the race.

During the race

  • It is necessary to seek to maintain social distance.
  • We recommend that you notify overtaking in advance so that it is always easier.


  • Although all USM races are run on a partial self-sufficiency basis, we have tried to maintain the majority of filling stations, taking into account the route requirement in each race. We made some changes in its nature, so we recommend analyzing the information in this regard (graphs and tables of passage).
  • If there is an arrival meal, it will be held in conditions of social distance, so that athletes can maintain their social distance.
  • All athletes must have their own cup and their own bowl or equivalent, so that they can be served at each station.
  • At stations, the use of a mask by athletes is mandatory, except when they are eating. Upon arrival, the athlete enters a restricted area where a volunteer, properly equipped and prepared for the purpose, will serve him what he wants to eat, and then he will be directed to another area where he can eat.
  • Self-service will not be allowed.
  • Solid foods will be placed in an individual container.
  • The consumption of food or drinks at the filling stations must take place in the spaces duly marked for that purpose and complying with the imposed limitations, namely respecting the maximum number of people.
  • The athlete should, whenever possible, opt for personal assistance (one per athlete), who must comply with the rules established for this purpose, namely wearing a mask and respecting the maximum capacity of the venues. In this case, it will be the personal assistant who will supply you with the supply, not going through the restricted distribution zone, going directly to the food zone (which does not invalidate the athlete’s passage through the control, if any).
  • If the eating area is full, personal assistants must give their place to the athletes, leaving the venue.

Finish line / Prize delivery

  • It is not allowed to crowd athletes or spectators on arrival.
  • There will be no showers at the end of the race.
  • After cutting the finish line, the athlete is entitled to his medal and finisher kit, which must be collected from the secretariat, upon presentation of the race bib.
  • The delivery of prizes will take place at the time scheduled by the organization. Only the winners in general and tiers of each race will be distinguished, as well as the first three men and the first three women.
  • The use of a mask is mandatory for everyone.
  • In view of the exceptional measures that are necessary taking into account the contingency plan, a list of aspects that athletes should pay attention to will be published.
  • This plan can be changed according to the instructions of the health authorities.